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Re: movies

Post by mikechamp »

Watched "The Last Laugh" the other day. I was actually duped into watching it, because it had Chevy Chase listed in the on-screen menu summary, so I thought it would be a funny movie. It wasn't his movie of the same name, nor was it funny at all. Instead, it was a low-budget slasher film made in 2020.

Caught it about 10-15 minutes in, but was able to catch up with the premise pretty fast. There are no notable names in it. It all takes place in a theater, where a supposed ghost haunts the place. Instead, there's an actual killer who seems to be an exact replica of the "Scream" killer. It wasn't very good, so don't waste your time.

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Re: movies

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The Nice Guys - So funny, and they clearly both work so well together. Highly recommended -- 9/10

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