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Re: The Video Game Thread

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IMADreamer wrote:
October 2 20, 5:59 pm
I've barely had any game time lately, but I could see getting the new x box once Forza comes out. I have been enjoying Flight Simulator 20 on PC lately.
I've taken a few flights in Flight Simulator 20 the past few months and wish I had time for more. So far I've flown mainly out of Lambert and flown south to find the lake where I have some land and up to Chicago once or twice. The last time I flew up to Chicago I cruised over downtown for a bit and then realized that I had to leave for work and didn't have time to find an airport and land properly... so I found Wrigley and crashed into it.

I really need proper controls for that game though because I struggle with the Xbox controller and switching to the mouse/remembering all of the keys for all the stuff you have to manage to properly fly a plane.

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Re: The Video Game Thread

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The new Mario Party is pretty fun.

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