Legalizing marijuana

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If marijuana was legalized, would you be more likely to use?

I already do
Total votes: 60

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by cardsfansince82 »

The public opinion on this has changed dramatically in the last five years or so. I know a lot of conservatives who are now on board with at least medical if not outright legalization. From what I understand colorado's version will have all sorts of regulation in place but would eventually lead to legal over the counter sales. The DEA doesn't have nearly enough resources to fight it. I hope they stay hands off completely and use this as a test run to see if it can work. It would be a huge boost to those economies in the meantime.

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by Arthur Dent »

Lawyers, how does a law like this work within the legal system? States are not permitted to pass legislation that contradicts federal law, but they presumably don't have to copy federal laws either, right? But after this, Colorado and Washington won't just have no mention of marijuana in their code but will instead explicitly legalize it and setup a whole legal framework in contradiction with Federal law. Can this be challenged in court, or am I completely confused?

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by lukethedrifter »

Wonder how it would work for people who are DOT mandatory tested? Like me.

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by go birds »

That's my question luke.

If it's legal, can you still be barred from getting a federal job? I mean as long as you're not doing it on the clock, you should be fine. Essentially the same thing as being drunk on the clock.

I don't have a federal job, but my field prevents me from doing bud because it would disqualify me from any future considerations.

With all that said, if there were no repercussions, then i'd be gettin high like e'ryday

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by docellis »

Apparently Vapor Pot is available. I hate lighting things and having smoke in my lungs. These pot vaporizers are used by willie nelson and chelsea handler.

I would love that.

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by IMADreamer »

I've never tried it but if it were legal I would. I can't see myself being a regular user but I want to try it one just to see.

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by Maclowery »

The one time I made use of a buddy's vaporizer resulted in one of the stupidest nights I've ever had. I couldn't follow the stoner movie they put on. I got lost in the kitchen. I couldn't keep up with the group's conversations, and kind of bummed the other people out because I was so gone. So, yeah, they pack a punch. If weed becomes legal in my state, I look forward to brownies and such. My roommate doesn't want the smell in his apartment, and I don't really care, so it's been awhile for me now.

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by Mary1966 »

Saw an article where our governor turned down the opportunity to be part of a meeting with the feds set up by Colorado. Looks like she's going to let the chips fall where they may. December 6th is the day the new law takes effect. Pearl Harbor Day might be a new holiday for stoners.

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by cardsfansince82 »

It would be up to individual employers whether or not they would continue to have drug testing as a condition of employment. My guess is if it became legal a lot of places would drop the requirement unless you drive a lot or operate some dangerous machinery. A lot of employers have already dropped it due to cost. It will probably be treated like alcohol where they don't test unless you appear under the influence on the job.

Vaporizing is definitely a different kind of buzz. Healthier for sure but not necessarily better.

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Re: Legalizing marijuana

Post by The Third Man »

pop_haines wrote:You are in for a treat.


Play Frampton Comes Alive for your first go. Or Pink Floyd is always a good option.

I envy you, actually.
Anything slow and drony is where it's at.


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