Malaysia Airlines flight missing

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Re: Malaysia Airlines flight missing

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Buried in O. J. Simpson's backyard?

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Re: Malaysia Airlines flight missing

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MH17 downed by Russian military missile system, say investigators

International team say evidence shows missile came from a Russia-based unit ... estigators

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Re: Malaysia Airlines flight missing

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Jocephus wrote:
MH17 downed by Russian military missile system, say investigators

International team say evidence shows missile came from a Russia-based unit ... estigators
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Re: Malaysia Airlines flight missing

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Little late on this.... But, seems like this was never actually 'solved' and the final report is inconclusive. ... onclusive/
A final investigative report issued by Malaysian civil aviation authorities provides no conclusive communications, navigation or surveillance-based evidence as to what caused the March 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Investigators claim that lack of access to the aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder, flight data recorder and main wreckage prevent them from establishing conclusive evidence as to what caused the aircraft to disappear from air traffic control radar screens. However, the final report did identify issues with the airline’s flight-following system, the effectiveness of its emergency locator technology (ELT) and air traffic controllers not following standard operating procedures (SOP)

Finally, the investigators said that all evidence indicated that the airplane was not remotely controlled by third-party intervention.
Most any aviation enthusiast at least those in America will say it's pretty clear the pilot hijacked the plane, depressurized the cabin, turned off tracking equipment, went silent flying to a remote part of the Indian Ocean, and purposely landed on the water keeping the plane in tact as much as possible so as to further avoid detection.

Almost all evidence points to this. The pilot was in the cockpit and had the last communication with ATC 3 minutes before the transponder and acars was turned off. He had the ability to get the co-pilot out of the cockpit which is apparently not true in reverse regarding the co-pilot being able to get the pilot out. The plane flew a purposeful route as tracked by military radar that would help avoid detection along the Malaysian/Vietnam border, into Cambodia, back past the pilots hometown, then according to immarsat pings south into the Indian Ocean for 5 someodd hours. The plane and black boxes were never found. However, a flaperon washed onto shore near madagascar. It's physical appearance suggests strongly it was extended when the plane entered the ocean which could only be done by someone controlling the plane. The complete lack of a debris field further indicates the plane was in tact and mostly stayed in tact when landing on the ocean.

Further, a review of the pilots personal computer flight simulator history showed he practiced routes nearly identical to the one MH370 flew on that fateful night.

The detractors are, well, I guess disbelief a pilot would kill 200+ people. And, it's possible the plane I guess crashed somewhere else and the inmarsat pings were fabricated or something.

It's obviously possible that something else happened. People have speculated, uh, a lot.
1. Diego Garcia is a possible landing place. Diego Garcia lends itself to a variety of conspiracy theories, so, there's those.
2. Apparently, a team of stealth technology Russians were on board with scuba gear. They could have gotten into the cargo area, depressurized the plane and kept themselves alive with the scuba gear. Turned off the acars and transponder, then stolen a Boeing 777 for some reason. Who knows what the end goal would be.
3. Aliens, paranormal, etc.
4. Hijacked by a computer.

Without the black boxes and plane, it may never be settled 100%. But, compared to the conspiracy theories, pilot suicide/murder certainly makes the most sense. I think the one that makes the most sense is the last one with computer hijackers taking control. But, that's an incredible job of hacking to be able to override pilots in the cockpit who could simply override, seemingly, any computer input by taking control of the plane manually. But, who knows. Also, reports show the flight was not exactly smooth upon changing course...varied heights/paths though that could be explained as an attempt to, again, avoid detection.

Regardless, what a shame.

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Re: Malaysia Airlines flight missing

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The deepest dive and most chilling account of the whole flight from start to finish.

The verdict? Responsibility most lost likely lies on the captain of the flight, who was a cheating womanizer and also most likely suffered from depression.

It's a long read, but well worth it. ... es/590653/

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