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Which Signature Chain Burger is the best?

Whopper/Double Whopper
5 Guys double cheese
In&Out Burger
Rally Burger
White Castle Mini Burger
No votes
Steak and Shake Steak Burger
Wendy's Classic Single
Red Robin custom burger
JackNTheBox Grilled Sourdough Burger
No votes
Hardees Thick Burger
Total votes: 32

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Re: Best Burger

Post by IMADreamer »

Gashouse wrote:I voted 5 Guys, but the correct answer is a Culver's Double Deluxe. I love Culver's.

Yes, Culver's is great. It would be on top of my list.

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Re: Best Burger

Post by ZigZagCardsFan »


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Re: Best Burger

Post by lukethedrifter »

Aside: The Southern Burger from Southern is really good. Flattened and crispy with pimento cheese.

Rally's is just plain nasty. Probably Steak n Shake for me.

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Re: Best Burger

Post by JoeMcKim »

No option for Fuddruckers?

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Re: Best Burger

Post by Radbird »

JoeMcKim wrote:No option for Fuddruckers?
I didn't know they were still in business. Haven't seen one since we lived in Houston in the 90s.

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Re: Best Burger

Post by tlombard »

Culver's is nowhere near the top of my list because they don't have any locations in the city and the ones that surround the city just aren't in locations that are anywhere near convenient for me. It is like they purposely opened in locations that I am never near. They are dead to me.

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Re: Best Burger

Post by Freed Roger »

lukethedrifter wrote:Aside: The Southern Burger from Southern is really good. Flattened and crispy with pimento cheese.
Had a great burger at Stackhouse, little joint in Mars Hill NC. Pimento cheese.

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Re: Best Burger

Post by obucard »

If anyone's ever in central AR, you definitely need to check out David's Burgers.

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Re: Best Burger

Post by GeddyWrox »

Anyone in or around the Columbia MO area should go here:

It's right by the Blue Note. Fabulous burgers and tacos. Like, orgasmic. My GF and I talk about making the 2+ hour drive one night just to eat there again (and who doesn't like a road trip every now and again?)

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Re: Best Burger

Post by haltz »

GeddyWrox wrote:Anyone in or around the Columbia MO area should go here:
The chef/owner of 44 Stone was the chef at Les Bourgeois when I worked there in the mid-aughts. He's basically the reason I ever got excited about food and wine and to blame for me still being in this stupid business a decade later.

That being said, I would go to Booche's if I were in downtown CoMo and wanted a burger and I wouldn't think twice about it.

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