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Re: Credit Cards

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My yearly update: a few weeks late. We made it another year without any additional credit card debt. Unfortunately we were unable to pay off our remaining credit card balance. We actually have most of the money in the bank but my wife’s job has presented some questions and we’ve opted to horde some money till things are clearer. Provided there are no huge changes with her job we should be able to pay off the card and auto payments in 2019.

We’re not doing Dave Ramsey but a friend had an extra ticket for his smart concert in Kansas City and I was able to attend that. It was a great event to attend
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Re: Credit Cards

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Congrats Diddy!

I think Dave Ramsey is wonderful for debt reduction concepts and he's helped countless people. However, if you're fortunate enough have the opportunity to start investing and building wealth I'd look for information elsewhere. He tries to sell mediocre high cost funds, etc where he gets a cut of the profits. His retirement withdrawal rules are problematic as well.
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