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Re: Books!

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Freed Roger wrote:Mort stopped reading books for a while? Glad things are back in order.
I had awkward shifts and never felt like I had the time. But now, normal office hours, get home, feet up, couple of hours before the game starts, it's pretty nice.

Freed Roger
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Re: Books!

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Donnie Ebert wrote:
Freed Roger wrote:Mort stopped reading books for a while? Glad things are back in order

Recently read "To Shake the Sleeping Self: A Journey from Oregon to Patagonia, and a Quest for a Life with No Regret" title sort of says it all. Has some nice writing. More about the author's personal side rather than the places and things he had to deal with. Pretty good.

Now am onto Jeff Tweedy's memoir. Conversational. Relatable since I am downstate IL mid size town guy from his era. How we related to culture, music etc is familiar.

As fan of Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Son Volt, and Bottle Rockets - it is cool to read some backstory -though kind of had a sense of the characters' personalities already by their musical paths.
I am enjoying it.
I listened to the Tweedy-read audiobook version, and it's fantastic.
Tweedy referencing Farrar (the voice/style) as Old Testament, i got a kick out of that. Seems appropriate by comparison to Tweedy. I don't take it as derogatory one bit.

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Re: Books!

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My son has Fahrenheit 451 on his summer reading list for his Freshman lit class. I had never read it so did so last week. Very quick read and superb. Might read some other Bradbury stuff. Any recommendations?

I also am a big UT / Son Volt / Wilco fan and loved Jeff's book. Jay's memoir (Falling Cars and Junkyard Dogs) is also very entertaining and written in a completely different style from Jeff's (shocker).

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