Fyrefest 2017

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Re: Fyrefest 2017

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go birds wrote:I didn't realize that was news....just assumed everyone knows about FJerry's shenanigans.

It makes me sick that they continue to profit off other people's work. Same with fatjewish.

Side note--i do find it kinda funny that a writer from a publication called "Vulture" is campaigning to put an end to the thieves at FJerry
I remember this going on four or five years ago - wave after wave of comedians and meme creators going after people like FvckJerry and the Fat Jewish, so I'm sort of surprised they're still going, making money, gainfully employed by large corporations, etc.

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Re: Fyrefest 2017

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I just watched the Netflix documentary.

What a bunch of douchebags!

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Re: Fyrefest 2017

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Oh my

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Re: Fyrefest 2017

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