Signs you are getting old

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Re: Signs you are getting old

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If my life went in reverse, it would be 1906.

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Re: Signs you are getting old

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the last cards WS win was almost 10 years ago

on a side note--were the 2000 the golden age of baseball? Perhaps it was just because i was in my 20's and had all the time in the world to follow everything but it just seems to me that baseball during the 2000's were just way more compelling.

There seemed to be a healthy balance of offense and defense/pitching. My guess is the reasoning is because this was before the nerdy statcast era of baseball and geeks who have never stepped on a diamond crowding front office. And steroids prolly helped. But regardless, baseball was just more interesting.

It's a really dull product these days. [expletive] rob manfred.

/old man yells at cloud

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