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Re: Airports.

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Singapore - hands down the best airport in the world

Hong Kong - a phenomenal airport. Super convenient and accessible

Incheon - another great Asia airport. The Duty Free options are is the access to numerous Dunkin' Donuts

Narita - it's aged but still serviceable. Always excellent service in Japan

Aquino (Manila) - saying its a [expletive] hole would be an insult to [expletive] holes. Awful in every respect...especially when the air-con goes out (as it frequently does) and its approaching 100 degrees in the aiport.

Pudong (Shanghai) - also a great airport. New, convenient...lots of food options. Gotta love a place you can have dim sum, Sichuan, Burger King or Ramen.

STL/Lambert - a ghost town of an airport. As someone mentioned, if you dont have to connects, it's not too bad. Not many food/restaurant options. And every time I have been there...there is a Ted Drewes frozen custard vending machine that is broken. I've tried at least 5 times to get one...never successful

O'Hare - total dump. A crowded dump at that.

JFK/La Guardia - both are awful. They are old, smelly and moldy. I cant believe the impression foreign travelers must have when they reach the US and are greeted by the filth and stench of NYC airport

Denver - very nice airport. New...convenient and lots of options

LAX - The Tom Bradley Int'l terminal used to be god awful They remodeled it and its actually not too bad. LAX is also crowded and the queue for security can be bad, but overall...not too bad.

Vegas - also pretty good. Can actually gamble in the airport...and its clean and efficient.

Detroit - surprising but also a very, very nice airport. Used to fly here a lot when they had a direct flight from Shanghai.

Dallas - also not bad. New, clean, efficient...lots of good food choices. Big terminals and the trains going from/to terminals are quick and efficient...and clean.

Kona, Hawaii - its a tent...or at least the customs area is a tent and the airport itself is like a Hawaiian hut. You get the "Hawaii" feeling as soon as you arrive at the airport.

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Re: Airports.

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Airplane wifi sucks

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Re: Airports.

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CardsofSTL wrote:
March 10 20, 10:49 pm
Airplane wifi sucks
Please extrapolate on your thesis with a 5,000 word essay supported by evidence in the form of 4K videos and minute-long gifs.

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