Weirdest bachelor party experience ever?

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Weirdest bachelor party experience ever?

Post by mikechamp »

Would you go to the bachelor party of a guy you didn't know, simply because you (mistakenly) got invited? Well, this guy did.
The typo that led a man to a stranger's stag party

When he first read the email, Will Novak, from Arizona, thought it was a scam. "It seemed so urgent, like one of those emails you get from a 'prince' asking you to send them money," he told the BBC. The email, titled Angelo's bachelor party, had been intended for a small group of friends. It set out the details of an upcoming ski trip to Vermont, to "send Angelo off" into married life.

Will doesn't know anyone called Angelo. He decided to reply. It was that decision that started what Will calls the "strangest" week of his life.

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Re: Weirdest bachelor party experience ever?

Post by tlombard »

That is definitely weirder than my weirdest where the bachelor had a family emergency at the last minute and couldn't make it but we still went on the trip without him. Since we already had use of a small house/cabin down at the Lake of the Ozarks we took advantage. On the way a friend and I stopped at one of those adult stores along 44 and I picked up an inflatable old man to serve as 'the bachelor.' We slapped a name tag on it and took it absolutely everywhere with us. He's actually the reason we didn't go to the strip club. The bouncer wouldn't let us bring 'the bachelor' into the club so we didn't go.

By the end of the weekend 'the bachelor' was covered in ladies' phone numbers, messages to the real bachelor, beads and I can't even remember what else. Something about a group of idiot 21 and 22 year old guys drinking heavily in a bar with an inflatable old man made all of the other dumb young ladies in the bars very curious as to what the heck was going on. Great conversation starter.

The one similarity that I have with the linked story is that I didn't know the bachelor. I knew most of the other guys and they swear I'd met the bachelor before but if I had, it was at one of their house parties when I was visiting them at the university they all went to and I was too drunk to remember. I still don't think I've ever met him. I certainly wasn't invited to the wedding. I just got invited to the bachelor party because... why not?

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