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Re: Cruises

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G. Keenan wrote:
Freed Roger wrote:
lukethedrifter wrote:
Freed Roger wrote:To be fair, the only opt-out was the hate one.

Never been and if I ever go, it means I've got a unique situation and/or way too much leisure time on my hands -I'd essentially be going to experience it with someone else who might enjoy it i.e. hey Mom. with your bad knees - let's go to Alaska or cruise a river in Europe -the only two options that make any sort of sense other than Antartica or Greenland if those cruises exist.

The bad press and stories affect it some. More of it is the anecdotal evidence, almost all the people I know that have enjoyed cruises I don't share much in common with. Some are douchebags frankly.

Don't get me wrong, I'd make the most of of it, However, mainly, i wouldn't want to be contained to a boat with thousand(s) of other people, many presumably like the douchebags I know that have been on cruises. Inherently, you aren't free. Booze - not into. Beer I veer towards whatever the the local flavors are - not what was loaded into cargo. Food? - Not into the strap on feed bag thing - ( i know, this may be shocking to read from a The Feedlot™ tycoon. )

I've done partial to all inclusive land resort trips with my wife, we had fun, it was a decent deal. But if it's tropical, I'm content to roll a cooler down to the beach and hang all day etc.

Oh ffs
so they do have Antartica, Greenland? Ah, I see they do, and read your post above/now recall that you did. I would perhaps spend some of my vast The Feedlot™ wealth on experiences like those.

and a boat for 100 people or less, that's vastly different than the Cruises as they are known.
You can take an Abercrombie & Kent cruise to Antarctica for a mere $50,000/person.
I did not spend $50k. Maybe $3 1/2k.

I got the ‘ship is not full, last minute family discount’. Looks like the equivalent starts at around $15k.

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Re: Cruises

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Re: Cruises

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The new hotness is luxury barging in France.

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