Coronavirus and the holidays

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How are you managing the COVID Holidays?

Just like normal
Normal size/length but with masks inside (except eating)
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Smaller gatherings; inside and without masks
Smaller gathering and with masks
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Short visit
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Staying away
Visiting Leroy
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Re: Coronavirus and the holidays

Post by Radbird »

The kid is the only nearby relative, and we likely won’t get together. She’s worried about infecting her geezer parents. Given her school year so far, where she has had her class go into quarantine after a parent tested positive, it’ll probably not be a risk worth taking. Good news is she tested negative and the kids are back for now.

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Re: Coronavirus and the holidays

Post by IMADreamer »

We are just now having this conversation. My family is huge and Thanksgiving and Christmas both are 50+ people events. Sounds like we may break it up into some smaller gatherings based on immediate families.

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Re: Coronavirus and the holidays

Post by heyzeus »

Unfortunately, probably just my wife and kids and my MIL, who lives in Austin too, will be getting together. I'd love to see my brother and his family, but I'm not sure it's safe. I'd love to see my mom and dad, but traveling to St Louis and then seeing him is definitely not safe given his health.

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Re: Coronavirus and the holidays

Post by Jerry1880 »

We are going to celebrate in a very small circle. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see my grandparents and my brother's family. This year is total suck

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Re: Coronavirus and the holidays

Post by cardinalkarp »

Ended up being even smaller than expected on my end. My BIL’s grandma passed away and he was forced to go to the funeral where there were people there that had been exposed to corona because they attended a 50th bday party where someone had it a week earlier (and yes, they are Trumpers so masks and corona are a bunch of bs), so him, my sister, and nephews were out because they quarantined themselves. So it ended up being my fiancé and parents.

We’re gonna give it another go for Christmas w/ just very small (8 people will be the largest) get together w/ the family.

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