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Re: major sports in pandemic.thoughts.

Posted: December 9 20, 1:26 pm
by cardinalkarp
I haven’t watched much of it, and like many of you not really missing it either. It’s just a much lower priority these days.

Re: major sports in pandemic.thoughts.

Posted: December 9 20, 1:33 pm
by AWvsCBsteeeerike3
I was unable to watch the Cardinals due to blackouts and contract negotiations with YouTubeTV and Sinclair and all that fun stuff, so that was a bummer at first but turned out to not be a big void. Similarly, with Mizzou football being typically on the 43rd Alternate SEC Network channel and YouTubeTV this year only carrying the first alternate channel, I missed a lot of those games as well. So...yeah.

I still enjoy cooking on the weekend and watching either college football or the NFL but my give a [expletive] has gone way down.

Like Popeye, all my sports leagues were cancelled so I took the time to get my knee fixed and I'm on doctor number 4 with no real fix in sight. But, I've been able to make it to the gym over lunch still and lift with a mask on or swim and cross my fingers that the humidity decreases airborne viral loads and chlorine kills any remnants of it. I've lost about 10 pounds and actually feel pretty healthy, so that's nice.

That said, I would absolutely love to go to a AA baseball game, get a beer and a hot dog and just veg out. No idea if that will ever happen again, unfortunately.