Pandemic - What is keeping you busy?

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Re: Pandemic - What is keeping you busy?

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@Pioneer98 That is mighty impressive!

Your comments on 'sweet spot' of being able to work on these reminded me of the 'Right to Repair' movement going on right now. Not sure if you have paid any attention to it, but there is somewhat of a battle going on namely in the electronics world (eg apple) and farm equipment world (eg john deere) and the car industry (eg, all of them) regarding who can fix the devices and obviously the companies like apple and john deere are making it such that only the companies can do so which is irritating a lot of people. It's one thing to tell people they need to pay $700 for a new phone that is replaced every other year already instead of fixing it for $100. It's another thing to try to pull that same stunt with a quarter million dollar tractor.

Regardless, one way they're going about doing it is to make the parts unavailable. So, a company like apple will order parts, let's say a chip, from a company, let's say chip maker. A person buys the phone, uses it, the chip breaks, and they take it to a phone fixer. Phone fixer needs a new chip. But, apple, as the largest purchaser of chips from chip maker, has precluded chip maker from selling said chips to phone fixer. So the phone owner takes phone to apple who says, ah, [expletive] it, just buy a new phone.

Quite the racket.

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Re: Pandemic - What is keeping you busy?

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One of the reasons I hoped the modular phone companies like Fairphone would make more of an impact. But I think I'll buy one of them next time anyway. Although I'm very bad at repairing things, I think Right To Repair is important stuff.

EDIT: Fairphone isn't available in the US, but the Teracube 2e is. $200 and the reviews are very good.

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