Bikes and e-bikes

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Bikes and e-bikes

Post by ghostrunner »

Starting another thread since "people in cars" is mostly a lot of fussing about cars and bikes.

Just ordered an e-bike after thinking about it for about 2 years and can't wait. Tried the model I'm buying out on Saturday and ordered right after. Plan right now is to make it my default work ride, as I'm heading back to the office 2 days a week starting in June. The ebike ought to cut my bike commute roughly in half, and end up only being about 10-15 minutes longer than the car commute. Also hoping to avoid changing clothes or worrying about sweating, which was a minor concern before when I biked in.

Got one of these - ... -step-thru

There's a throttle which lets you move without pedaling. Tops out at 20mph which is roughly as fast as I get going down a steep hill. Or there's a pedal assist function that has 5 levels. When I tried it out I was doing almost nothing at level 3, but that would change depending on rider weight, hills, etc...

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Re: Bikes and e-bikes

Post by GeddyWrox »

Pretty cool! If I were in an urban setting closer to my office, I'd definitely consider one of these for getting around town.

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