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Hot or Cold

Posted: April 12 09, 12:03 am
by JohnDays
This came to me while sitting at work freezing to death.

If you had to choose to be really hot or really cold all the time which would you choose and why? I have to deal with both pretty regularly with deployments and stuff.

Right now I'm in the desert. It's really hot during the day and then at work it's always really cold. I think if I had to choose I'd want to be always hot. I hate the desert and I hate being hot, but something about being cold makes me feel like crap.

Re: Hot or Cold

Posted: April 12 09, 12:11 am
by Cronos
Welcome to GRB!

I'd choose to be really cold all of the time. In this society one can always put more clothing on, but one can only take so much off.

I'd be interested to see this as a poll, and it belongs more in Social anyway. Maybe the Mods can help out?

Re: Hot or Cold

Posted: April 12 09, 1:11 am
by Tambourine Man
It's a bot.