Signatures Disabled

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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by AWvsCBsteeeerike3 »

Molly wrote:
AWvsCBsteeeerike3 wrote:
Molly wrote:Had I known this I would have made cat attacks cat as my avatar :-(
You can make cat attacks your avatar, no?
Yes but I have to find it again.
I think you can go to the User Control Panel (button is on the upper right portion of my account), click the 'profile' tab on the left, then click the 'edit signature' tab and your link should still be there. You'll probably have to resize it though as it looks like you have done with your avatar gif.

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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by Molly »


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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by lukethedrifter »

great. now they're going to disable avatars

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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by Spider John »

Has the ACLU heard about this?

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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by Radbird »

lukethedrifter wrote:great. now they're going to disable avatars
Only gifs...for now

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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by doe_boy »

This was going to be my signature:

'Heh-heh, ol' Abner's done it again Jack.'

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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by Jocephus »

can you update the guidelines post to remove any mention of signatures? if we are getting new peeps no point in tricking them

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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by Michael »

Good suggestion! Thank you!

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Re: Signatures Disabled

Post by TGantz »

Let's have signatures again. Spice things up

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