New Twitter Functionality

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Re: New Twitter Functionality

Post by redbirdjazzz »

go birds wrote:^^yep all that

i even made it a point to send FF a message letting him know that i didnt have an issue with the posting of tweets.

the issue is the functionality of the board. i'd like to add that, not only are the posts blank, but as i mentioned, the board functions as if a post is being deleted (delayed) when a thread with embedded tweets are opened--does that not happen to anyone else affected by the tweets?
I haven't noticed any slow-down, but I'll try to pay attention in future.

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Re: New Twitter Functionality

Post by ghostrunner »

I wouldn't be surprised if an adblocker could block tweets for you. Usually there's an option on those to customize and block whole domains. I actually block the GRB logo just to make it less conspicuous at work.

Edit - obviously that doesn't help on phones

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