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Hyperlink color

Posted: September 28 16, 9:37 am
by vinsanity
Really minor thing but is it possible to change the hyper link color to stand out more? I think the current blue blends in too much with the blue backgrounds. Something different may stick out a bit more?

Re: Hyperlink color

Posted: September 30 16, 9:34 am
by TheoSqua
I'm sure it's technically possible. We'd have to find the 1 line out of 5,000 css lines that does it, change the color, and tack on an !important.

Re: Hyperlink color

Posted: October 10 16, 2:29 pm
by New Pagodi
It would appear that the operative css selector is is a:link which is injected into style.css from line 3027 of style.php. However that will change all links including the post header which is probably not what you want to do. What might be better is to just set the postlink class with something like:

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a.postlink { color: #<whatever>; }
but I don't know if you can change classes like that. The surrounding code only sets pseudo-classes, so that may not work.

Re: Hyperlink color

Posted: October 31 16, 11:49 am
by TheoSqua
The only person who has access to that code is Kyle.