Using GRB for content aggregation.

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Using GRB for content aggregation.

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In an attempt to increase activity and gain new members i'm contemplating a slightly new approach for content with GRB and wanted to get everyone's feedback.

The Elevator pitch is this:
Partner with the many Cardinals blogs and content creators to give them the option to self-promote their content on GRB. In exchange the blogs/content sites would like back to GRB.

We would likely attempt to divide the site into multiple forums, one of which would be Baseball Talk, inside which there would be a sub-forum for GDTs and day-to-day baseball talk, and another sub-forum dedicated to Blog Posts both created here on GRB and self-promoted from other sites.

I think this has the potential to be win-win. It'll give the site more content to discuss and potentially drive viewers from other sites to the forum. The bloggers would get more viewers from this forum and, if we get enough partners, increased traffic through cross pollination.

I also hope it would encourage more original content on the forum without trying to take a stab at a mid-2000s article based blog.

Before we made any changes to the site/forum structure I wanted to see if the posters had any thoughts or concerns.

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