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New User post approval

Posted: January 11 23, 9:49 am
by Transmogrified Tiger
I think I've mentioned this at some point in the past, but with the uptick in spam recently I thought I'd bump the idea. At NSBB, new users first few posts are required to be approved by a mod before they're published, which usually cuts off astroturfers like we see here pop up with some frequency. I'm not 1000% sure how it's implemented, but from what I can tell, it may be a single setting in Admin Control Panel -> Board Configuration -> User Registration Settings. Setting 'New Member Post Limit' to a non-zero value is what I think is needed: ... 458179.png

That said, I'm not a part of the configuration/extensions involved in NSBB's implementation in particular, so there may be more to it than that. But in general my understanding is that restriction isn't an onerous one to implement, and makes the moderation of those users easier and happen entirely behind the scenes.

Re: New User post approval

Posted: January 11 23, 9:53 am
by thrill
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Re: New User post approval

Posted: January 12 23, 4:10 pm
by heyzeus
My recollection of the issue is that there were some legit requests to join the board that got left hanging because the mods got overwhelmed trying to decide whether each new user was a bot or not. I appreciate everyone who flags spambot posts, because that helps us see a post that needs deletion/banning quickly.