Is our society broken?

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Re: Is our society broken?

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heyzeus wrote:
December 14 21, 9:20 am
David Foster Wallace was a guy who really loved lobster, and wrote a whole book about it.
You mean the guy who owns Dunder Mifflin?

You guys can get Roomba lawn mowers now, although only a few are good.

I was in Wentzville, MO back in September or so and there was a massive data and power outtage because someone, somehow knocked a pole over. The landline running to the local cell tower must have been hit because cell data was down as well. Power and data lines were strung all over one street and they had to be closed.

I'm with my buddy and we have to go to Lowes. We know the data outtage has occurred but not what caused it. We're approaching this T intersection and we needed to turn left (down the road with the accident). This cop pulls up down the way we need to go, and tosses a roadflare in the middle of the intersection. We decide to just keep going straight and find another way. There are two or three cars coming at us in the other lane slowing down in the intersection looking for what to do. A lady is in the car that leads their pack. As she pulls up in the turn lane, the cop just starts yelling at her like she's a violent criminal. And it wasn't purely his volume that was off - from his tone it sounded like he was about to unload a magazine on her. And she's just this confused lady who has never seen this street blocked before, isn't sure what she should do, or even if its actually blocked off from traffic (because he had just arrived). People are crazy right now.

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