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Re: American Airlines

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mtcefc wrote:
September 21 22, 6:34 am

As American Airlines and BA are part of the same group (BA are operating the flights, AA just took my money) I tried via the back door to access a British Airways lounge for my 12 hour wait in Heathrow.

The lady was very helpful and actually informed me there was a seat on the 14:00 flight from Heathrow to Manchester which would mean I would have to wait maybe 5 hours instead of 12.

So I contacted good old American which SURELY is just a case of "We will transfer you right now.......done" but OH NO......they actually tried to charge me 1000 USD to get on that flight, after they changed then cancelled my original flight.

That is just horrific customer service, I can't even believe they let someone suggest that. It doesn't actually cost the airline anything to change a flight surely.

I REALLY hope they don't lose my luggage on this trip or there may well be an international incident.
Not quite the same but if it helps to commiserate, I had a similar experience with a fake out on reducing a layover with American a few years back. We went to Maui and our flight home was a red-eye leaving at 9:30 PM to Dallas, but then was scheduled for a 12 hour layover there until an evening flight to STL. We didn't have anything else we wanted to do that last afternoon so we got to the airport early and decided to see if we could get out earlier and maybe cut down the layover. The AA people on the phone said by getting on a 7:30 flight we could make a morning connection in Dallas(landing in STL at lunchtime instead of late night), but since it was already boarding they couldn't get us on it and we'd have to do it at the gate(at the opposite end of the terminal). So we sprint across the airport and make it in time, we're able to get on the flight but the people at the gate don't have access to give us a ticket for the connection. We land in Dallas and after talking with the gate and then a long time on the phone, the seat on that earlier connection does not exist, so we've successfully turned our 12 hour layover into a 14 hour layover. Originally the plan was to maybe go see a movie or something to kill time, but we were so worn out we just got an airport hotel room for the day and slept.

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