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Re: Random musings

Post by heyzeus »

IMADreamer wrote:
October 28 23, 8:53 pm
heyzeus wrote:
October 23 23, 9:25 am
thrill wrote:
October 23 23, 8:28 am
heyzeus wrote:
October 20 23, 9:26 am
One of my cousins is apparently convinced there's an imminent U.S. civil war because Biden is allowing an "invasion" so he took his family and fled to....Mexico.
Your cousin is mentally ill. That's scary.
He is unfortunately. Evidently he's coming back, but now is angry at the family for having the audacity of being upset that he abandoned his ill mother (and job) to hide in Mexico from a nonexistent civil war in the U.S. His dad went to his house and took his gun for safekeeping, but people in these kinds of paranoia states rarely have just one.

Obviously he's mentally ill so I guess it will answer my question, but how do you take your family to Mexico because of a supposed civil war then come back and not be completely ashamed of how stupid you were to fall for that [expletive]?

Like all conspiracy theory/Q Anon people, the failure of one conspiracy just proves the existence of an EVEN BIGGER conspiracy. Apparently in his view/world, everyone is out to get him because he was just trying to protect his family, by taking them to central Mexico to avoid the nonexistent "invasion" coordinated by the President.

Oh, and now his wife is trying to blackmail his father. It's not going great over there.

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Re: Random musings

Post by mikechamp »

In related news, who's looking forward to Thanksgiving?


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Re: Random musings

Post by Joe Shlabotnik »

mikechamp wrote:
October 31 23, 10:08 am
In related news, who's looking forward to Thanksgiving?

We are - it's actually been a pretty good year for the Shlabotnik's overall. If you don't consider the meta-happenings. So we've got that going for us.

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Re: Random musings

Post by Radbird »

Andy owns Crown Candy and caught this with one of his security cams.

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Re: Random musings

Post by CardsofSTL »

It snowed here on Halloween night...nothing major just a flurry.

I always kind of liked winter but lately I don't do as well in the cold...still seems early to see snow falling.

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Re: Random musings

Post by IMADreamer »

It's the heart of deer season here which means our tiny community has been over run by jackasses from various cities across America, most east coast though. They come out here with the giant jacked up trucks, over run our restaurants and stores, try and look down on everyone, and cheat on their wives while they are here. Then they'll go home in a week or so and things will return to normal.

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Re: Random musings

Post by obucard »

Apparently this happened in my city this morning.

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