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They're back, GK...and I think this one is like a low-budget spam porno.
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Post by thrill »

It's like mad libs with James Lipton and a Jeep Marketing exec.

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Post by MrCrowesGarden »

I should probably take back what I said about this being a low-budget porno. I'm sure a lot of the budget was spent on Jeep Cherokees.

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Post by sighyoung »

Hey, can i send you a whoopie cushion or bumper sticker in the mail in exchange for a link on your .edu domain?
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Post by Leroy »

An Oregon resident has shelled out $400,000 falling for one of the oldest tricks in the book (or at least on the Internet).

That’s right. The Nigerian e-mail scam.

Can you imagine what she could’ve done if she had access to your cash box?

This woman said an e-mail offering $20.5 million caught her eye, because it asked her to find a long-lost relative with the same last name.

OK, so that made it a bit more tempting. So she sent $100.

We’re not dealing with a mental midget here. This woman is a nursing administrator and CPR teacher.

But she still:

mortgaged her house
took a lien on the family car, and
cleaned out her husband’s retirement account.
You know what makes it even more painful?

Her family and her bank pleaded with her to stop. She didn’t heed their warnings.

The first $100 was sent through an untraceable wire service.

Then, a flood of phony documents followed. “Guaranteed” documents from the Bank of Nigeria and the United Nations asked for her help.

Ever wondered why scammers keep sending out “Nigerian” scheme e-mails — when everyone has seen them?

Because it taps into a human weakness — greed for easy money — and it still works.

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Post by sighyoung »

From: <> Wednesday - November 26, 2008 6:22 PM
Subject: Factual Genesis Seminar

My name is Herman Cummings. I am the author of the book “Moses Didn’t Write About Creation!”. I saw a short tape of a talk show some time ago concerning “teaching creationism in the schools”. It is evident that the secular world is under the delusion that (the cult of) Scientific Creationism is the “leading authority” on Biblical Creation. That is not true. They are actually “lost in their own fantasy of foolishness”, and do not represent true creationism at all.

The question should not be whether or not Creation should be taught in our schools. Hardly anyone knows what factual Biblical Creation is. The question should be “who is qualified to teach it”? No more than 3 people in the world are experts in this area. The rest are unqualified “pseudo scholars” which have no idea what Biblical Creation is, nor what the text in Genesis is saying.

Both the worlds of secular science and theology have been brainwashed over the centuries into thinking that Genesis gives a day by day account of Creation Week. It is even a debated issue within the creationism world on the length of each day in Genesis chapter one, whether it be 24 hrs, or thousands of years. “Young Earth” believers, such as in Creation Science, teach that each day was 24 hrs, but only occurring about 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. That is a proven falsehood which Creation Science refuses to accept, even after their own controlled test gave them “Old Earth” results. Old Earth believers either believe in “theistic evolution” or some form of a “gap theory”, in order to try to reconcile what they think the Bible says, with the discoveries (facts) of modern science.

I’d like to conduct a seminar at your facility on “the Observations of Moses”, and expose the ignorance of the other so called “experts” who do not understand what Genesis is telling us about the prehistoric history of Earth and mankind. Current theologians and bible scholars are “lost in the dark”, and only give misinformation. Being a teacher, you should want your students to hear the correct interpretation of literature, rather than only falsehoods, fables, foolishness, misrepresentations and myths.

Just as “the church” did not accept the true view of our universe, when Nicholas Copernicus discovered the truth in AD 1514, theology of today is blind to the truth of Genesis, and thus teaches ridiculous doctrines which make the book of Genesis seem like a fairy tale (“book of faith” only), rather than an invaluable book of advanced (true) science.

Herman Cummings
PO Box 1745
Fortson GA, 31808

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Post by Arthur Dent »

I was curious, so I looked it up. Pretty creative. ... =firefox-a

The doctrine of Biblical Reality is that God showed Moses six different days which occurred in the past, with each day being taken from a different week, and each week being the first week in seven different geologic eras of mankind. Each day was a different day of the week, with the days of revelation being shown to Moses starting with Sunday, on a Sunday. But chronologically, the earliest vision starts with Wednesday, the only day of Creation Week which Moses was shown. These six visions were given to Moses while he was on Mt. Sinai, in 1598 BC, about six weeks after crossing the Red Sea, in "biblical order". Any theologian "worth their salt" should know what that means.

The opposing view of evolution is not "Creation". I get tired of hearing and reading about people saying such, which is an indication of ignorance of the facts. There are no "creation accounts" in Genesis. The correct opposing view is the "seven days of Moses", or what I have coined as the "Observations of Moses". Starting chronologically, the "Fourth Day" was Wednesday of Creation Week, shown to Moses on a Wednesday, representing the first geologic era of mankind, comparable to the Pre-Cambrian/Paleozoic Eras. The death of species occurred by escalation, starting with small life forms in the water. This era ended with the Great Extinction, in 245 Million BC. This is when Lucifer lost "the war in Heaven", and caused the death of all surface life that he could. What followed was the first of six restorations of life on Earth, as defined by God Himself, conveyed by means of the remaining six days of Moses.

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Post by cardinalkarp »

This is an odd one....

"Old Witchcraft Secrets" will show you in detail,
how you can cast powerful spells, to make your wildest dreams come true.

It's NOT your fault that your spells and rituals
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The truth is... you've been misled by self-proclaimed
powerful wizards and witches... and the truth is that
99% of these 'professionals' are Dead Wrong!

In fact, a lot of what they say will actually diminish your powers.

They don't want you to know the right way to
cast spells because if you did, you'd never need
them again and they would lose their power!

You cannot invent 'new' spells like you
cannot invent a new tree. Everything is old. But
not everything is known in the right way.

Get 3 Spells just for visiting our site

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Old Witchcraft
642 Main Street
Chalestown, Nevis, Saint Kitts Nevis

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Post by TabascoElvis »

The Catholic Foundation

As way of improving living condition, The Catholic Foundation will be giving out $2.5 million dollars each to you and 3 other benefactors in the Catholic Charities Project helping you to reach others around your location.

For further inquiry,
contact the Program Coordinator secretary

Names; Address; Cell#; Age and Occupation.

Honorable Richard Bates
(Secretary and Treasurer Program Coordinator)

Ms. Katharine Wilson
Asst.(Secretary and Treasurer Program Coordinator)
My bailout is coming.

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Post by Dillagii »

I got a friggin call this weekend saying my debit card is suspended due to suspicious activities and press 1 to reactivate it. I didnt press anything. I immediately hung up and later on I figured out it was a phishing call.

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