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RAVE: Memphis

Post by cards2468 »

Just got back from Memphis, and I really enjoyed Beale Street last night. Good music, good bars, and good people there. I especially love the fact that I can have a beer in hand and shop through a bunch of gift shops.

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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by haltz »

Good rave. Memphis is a blast.

There are some sketchy areas though, gotta be careful.

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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by clement »

at the risk of repeating myself...

Did I forget to mention, forget to mention Memphis?
Home of Elvis and the ancient Greeks.
Do I smell? I smell home cooking.
It's only the river... it's only the river...

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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by Richie Allen »

I spent the absolute worst week of my life in Memphis and I never even got downtown. Highlights included tearing the [expletive] out of my rental car trying to break into it after I locked my keys in it, ordering a pizza for pickup and never finding the place and then getting a ticket mailed to me weeks later showing me running a red light. I don't ever want to go back. The Bar-B-Que was good though.

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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by Cronos »

Then I'm walking in Memphis
I was walking with my feet ten feet off of Beale
Walking in Memphis
But do I really feel the way I feel?

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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by MrCrowesGarden »

I saw stars
Dancin' on the water
I heard Elvis
Singin' Blue Suede Shoes

And that muddy water
Was my witness
The night I fell in love
with the Queen of Memphis

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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by jeffbgoofy »

MrCrowesGarden wrote:I saw stars
Dancin' on the water
I heard Elvis
Singin' Blue Suede Shoes

And that muddy water
Was my witness
The night I fell in love
with the Queen of Memphis
Love that song....

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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by Jocephus »


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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by sighyoung »

Watcha gonna do when Memphis on fire,
Memphis on fire, Mistah Preachin' Man?
Gonna pray to Jesus and nebber tire,
Gonna pray to Jesus, loud as I can,
Gonna pray to my Jesus, oh, my Lawd!

Watcha gonna do when de tall flames roar,
Tall flames roar, Mistah Lovin' Man?
Gonna love my brownskin better'n before—
Gonna love my baby lak a do right man,
Gonna love my brown baby, oh, my Lawd

Whatcha gonna do when Memphis falls down,
Memphis falls down, Mistah Music Man?
Gonna plunk on dat box as long as it soun'
Gonna plunk dat box fo' to beat de ban',
Gonna tickle dem ivories, oh, my Lawd!

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Re: RAVE: Memphis

Post by Radbird »

You say you're gonna get your act together
Gonna take it out on the road
But if I don't get outta here pretty soon
My head's going to explode

Sure I like country music
I like mandolins
But right now I need a telecaster
Through a vibro-lux turned up to ten

Lets go to Memphis in the meantime baby
Memphis in the meantime girl

I need a little shot of that rhythm baby
Mixed up with these country blues
I wanna trade in these ol country boots
For some fine italian shoes

Forget the mousse and the hairspray sugar
We don't need none of that
Just a little dab'll do ya girl
Underneath a pork pie hat

Until hell freezes over
Maybe you can wait that long
But I dont think Ronnie Milsap's gonna ever
Record this song

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