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Rant: Twitter

Post by AdmiralKird »

I don't know anyone that actually uses Twitter. I think its existence and sudden popularity is a worldwide scam.

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by cardsfansince82 »

Twitter Creator On Iran: 'I Never Intended For Twitter To Be Useful'
JUNE 24, 2009 | ISSUE 45•26

SAN FRANCISCO—Creator Jack Dorsey was shocked and saddened this week after learning that his social networking device, Twitter, was being used to disseminate pertinent and timely information during the recent civil unrest in Iran. "Twitter was intended to be a way for vacant, self-absorbed egotists to share their most banal and idiotic thoughts with anyone pathetic enough to read them," said a visibly confused Dorsey, claiming that Twitter is at its most powerful when it makes an already attention-starved populace even more needy for constant affirmation. "When I heard how Iranians were using my beloved creation for their own means—such as organizing a political movement and informing the outside world of the actions of a repressive regime—I couldn't believe they'd ruined something so beautiful, simple, and absolutely pointless." Dorsey said he is already working on a new website that will be so mind-numbingly useless that Iranians will not even be able to figure out how to operate it.

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by Maclowery »

I still don't get it. I see the #;s and @'s and I feel like I'm reading CompuServe from 1995. Everyone has a damned Blackberry or iPhone or whatever, why is it so hard to just update your blog (a word I continue and will always despise) or your facebook, or God forbid your actual "website".

It increasingly makes me want to delete all online interaction, entirely, and tell all my friends that I will only communicate via letters (snail mail!), phone calls, or, amazingly, live re-unions.

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by ghostrunner »

I was very skeptical of it at first, but I have found it very useful. If you find some intelligent people who actually post, it's a good news source. Comedians use it to post jokes, promote themselves, and put out dates of their upcoming gigs. There's a guy at the SciFi network that posts interesting news stuff with it. Derrick Goold from the PD posts Cardinals updates on it. There's a podcast I listen to and it's their main way of putting out notices and related news now, vs. their website. I think it's actually more useful to news and entertainment media than it is to the average person, at least in terms of writing on it. I hardly ever write anything on mine, so I guess it's more like an RSS feed in that way for me.

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by Hungary Jack »

I have used Twitter to promote my business with some success.

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by cards2468 »

Social networking sites are MOSTLY filled with attention whores, so it's a shame that those who make it useful won't be getting my attention.

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by thrill »

Twitter is like a mini, unfiltered RSS feed heaven.

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by lukethedrifter »

I wish dgoold would stop with all the duplicates tweets. My job has said they will use twitter for emergency updates.

Make some recs on twitterers worth following plz.

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by docellis »

I need instructions. How do you respond to a tweet?

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Re: Rant: Twitter

Post by Cronos »

docellis wrote:I need instructions. How do you respond to a tweet?
@(username) (whatever you want to say to them)

No parentheses needed.

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