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Re: cancer

Post by GeddyWrox »

And now I hate this thread again. GDI. Sorry Zeus :(

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Re: cancer

Post by Jocephus »

sorry 'zeus

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Re: cancer

Post by stlouie_lipp »

Sorry brother.

My ex's mom died of pancreatic cancer during this and she didn't get to go say goodbye. Hopefully it's not goodbye, but if it is, I hope you get to see him.

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Re: cancer

Post by AWvsCBsteeeerike3 »

Sorry to hear, Zeus.

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Re: cancer

Post by IMADreamer »

Sorry to hear it Zeus.

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Re: cancer

Post by sighyoung »

I'm sorry to hear it, too.

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Re: cancer

Post by Gashouse »

Ah [expletive]. I'm sorry dude.

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Re: cancer

Post by redbirdjazzz »

I'm really sorry, zeus.

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Re: cancer

Post by Fat_Bulldog »

Any updates on your dad?

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Re: cancer

Post by heyzeus »

Fat_Bulldog wrote:
May 13 20, 1:54 pm
Any updates on your dad?
Thanks for asking, and thanks to everyone in the thread sharing their thoughts. My dad's doing pretty well, all told. It's going to be 6 months of chemo, which is a long haul. So far he's through just under 2 months of it. They'll be doing a CT scan next month to see if the chemo is working (fingers crossed).

On the whole, he's feeling as well as can be. Usually he gets pretty sick about 4 days after getting another dose, and the worst of it lasts about 2 days, then mostly passes. He's in good spirits, and is taking the "stay home and just work on your garden and BBQ things" advice seriously.

It's eating me up not being able to be there, but Mrs. Zeus had a good point: Even if I lived across the street from him, it would still be very inadvisable for me hug him (or come within 6 feet) for the foreseeable future. So, Zoom it is.

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