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Re: Getting into shape

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More thread specific - using this new situation - since I don't have a gym or any race on my calendar to prep for., and need to chill out for mental purposes with physical stuff...

I am doing heart rate training . 6 times into it. I go out with goal of about 4 to 8 miles, keeping my Hr under 134bpm. Build the aerobic engine when else will I get to try this?

Observations: It is crazy how slow i have to go to keep the HR down that low. I think my muscles get more of workout this way than I expected. I really have a bad slow stride, it isnt efficient and takes too much effort. The calorie burn thing, I sense is true. But havent stepped on a scale to verify. Going to keep at it. I hope by time I am done with this, I can reduce my total aerobic pace by a couple of minutes per mile.

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Re: Getting into shape

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Anybody want to do a social d weight GAIN contest?

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Re: Getting into shape

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I am on it.

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