United Airlines, I hate you deeply.

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Re: United Airlines, I hate you deeply.

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lukethedrifter wrote:
Joe Shlabotnik wrote:Good for you T. Wish I could say the same. Hasn't happened yet.
You have never pooped at O’Hare?
I got to go way too far into the mists of antiquity to know how to answer that. Short answer: maybe.
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G. Keenan
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Re: United Airlines, I hate you deeply.

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tlombard wrote:United actually did something right by me and I'm still shocked! Originally my flight home was scheduled to leave Boston a little after 7pm on Friday but with the threat of storms causing issues in the Midwest around the times I'd be flying, I changed my flight first thing on Friday morning to leave at 2:30pm and connect through Dulles. I got to Logan a little after noon (wanted to make sure I had plenty of time for traffic troubles, etc... and I was just ready to get out of the office and wanted to get some lunch as well) and immediately got a text that due to delays on a previous leg, my flight would be delayed and scheduled to leave at 3pm. I thought that was fine because I'd still have 30 minutes to make my connection. Then I got a text saying it would leave at 3:15pm. That would leave me about 15 minutes as a best case scenario so I was starting to get nervous.

Then about the time the flight was due to start boarding, I got called up to the desk at the gate and told that they switched my flights and I needed to get to a different gate on the other side of the terminal to catch a flight to O'Hare instead of Dulles. I ended up landing at Lambert an hour later than I was hoping but at least I got home. I don't think there were any later flights to STL out of Dulles so if I had missed that connection, I'd really have been in trouble.

And I appreciated having enough time at O'Hare to take care of some business before I caught my connection. Yep, I took a dump in O'Hare before flying the last leg home. It felt appropriate. Thanks for the hospitality Chicago!

But seriously, United did me right and I was really surprised that they were looking ahead like that for once instead of leaving me stranded and both flights were full with people on Standby to Chicago that I got on ahead of which really added to my surprise.
Wrong thread. This is the United hatred thread. No other emotions will be recognized.
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Re: United Airlines, I hate you deeply.

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G. Keenan wrote:Wrong thread. This is the United hatred thread. No other emotions will be recognized.
Fair enough point but I'm not about to start a thread stating that I love United because they finally did one single thing right in the history of the company.

Plus, if it worked that way we should have started a baseball thread last year called, "Former Cardinal Who Aren't Tommy Pham Because He Sucks Watch." Then we'd be able to have a thread discussing former Cards that doesn't end up with half of the pages going on about the Pham trade being the worst thing to ever happen in the history of the franchise because Mo is an idiot and BDIII is cheap.
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