Spring Training

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Spring Training

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I sat behind douche-bros at one game. And that wasn't the game where I watched swarms of Lawn Guylanders in their 99/Judge sherseys.
I watched what will likely be the worst team in baseball, and I didn't even get to make fun of the DNP Chris Davis. The Orioles are going to be so, so bad.
I got a nasty sunburn that has left me feeling like I am melting today.
The Rays spring training facility does not serve draft beer, only cans, and the cashier needed about five minutes to figure out that the guy in front of me should get more than $7 in change when he pays $40 for $27 in food. And, yes, my one can of not-so-premium beer cost $8, and Rays' bar is run by Hooters.
I witnessed Tommy Pham strike out looking twice.

But drinking a beer under the 80 degree sun while watching a professional baseball game in February is [expletive] awesome. No wonder the ballparks were packed.

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Re: Spring Training

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