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New Laptop

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I decided to stop in Microcenter today and walked out with a new laptop. I haven't had a personal computer or laptop (other than tablets) for years because I had the laptop from work but I caved and changed that.

I picked up an Asus Zenbook Pro UX581 (if I remember the model number correctly) and it is like nothing I've ever seen before. It has the standard stuff you expect in a laptop but what I've never seen before is a trackpad on the side that also doubles as a number pad and it has not just the one normal touchscreen but TWO of them. The normal screen on the lid is there but then the bottom is half keyboard/trackpad/number pad and half touch screen. I can now browse GRB while checking out something else and not have to flip back and forth between windows!

I ended up with the open box display model but that knocked $700 off the price and it still came with everything including the stylus/pen thing and the wrist wrest that is standard and makes a big difference.

It's big and heavy which a lot of reviewers complained about but I don't care about that. For what I need, it is way more than I need and it's awesome!

I also made sure to get Microsoft Access and other Office products for a few years because I have some ideas of stuff that I want to start working on in my spare time and would like to not have to use the work laptop.

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