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Re: Deadspin

Post by BottenFieldofDreams »

I'm glad they're doing this and wish them luck. Maybe Drew will finally find that lyrical juxtaposition of St. Louis Cardinals fans and semen that reaches me and I finally get it.

I do hope they drop some of the [expletive]: Bill Simmons, hating all other outlets (even for doing things it does itself), jerking off at stupid letters from dummies that got their feelings hurt because Deadspin hurt their feelings for fun. But their voice is meaningful whether I like it or not and their end was alarming, so I'm glad they have an outlet to do whatever it is they want.

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Re: Deadspin

Post by tlombard »

I just signed up.

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Re: Deadspin

Post by heyzeus »

I signed up too. I think it'll be fun, and something worth supporting.

I'll accept their Cardinals trolling (even as I tell myself the old canard, "not all Cardinals fans"). Recent years have shown that there's plenty in the genome of St. Louis that deserves to be criticized.

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