There are good people out there

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Re: There are good people out there

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Thought I'd bump this with a great story. There is a 10 year old in our area who has terminal cancer. He loves cars, today was supposed to be our area's biggest car show but rain canceled. The club putting on the show had intended to give the kid a club jacket and a bunch of things to brighten his day. Well with the show canceled they were trying to figure out how to do it. Well they decided that they would cruise by his house, and give it to him and his family in person. So they asked for people to join in the cruise. 117 cars showed up. It was incredible, everyone was in such an awesome mood and their entire neighborhood came out and was waving and giving thumbs up as we all drove by. One of the guys offered to give the kid a ride, so we all decided to make a cruise of it and went for like a half our cruise with him then we all went and dropped him off back at his house. Epic day, wonderful showing of compassion by total strangers.

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Re: There are good people out there

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I'll pile on. Y'all have heard about the Almeda fire since I saw the first smoke around noon Tuesday. Thousands have lost everything and more thousands are temporarily displaced. And we now know it's at least two if not three separate arsons that started and then spread the fire into the conflagration it became. And you're seeing headlines about thing unravelling, etc.

But I'll tell you, to see the way ordinary folks are just jumping in and doing what needs to be done without complaint or a hand out is really something. Everyone I meet, I ask how they're doing and we share our stories and encourage each other. There are a number of drop offs where people have been bringing donations and they are full up with stuff. Companies big and small are donating food, time, space whatever.

It really is awesome.

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