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HRA Bullsh!t

Posted: November 1 18, 4:07 pm
by GeddyWrox
So my company has a super-high deductible, but uses a third-party to reimburse us for those deductibles. It's some sort of shell game they do to keep our premiums lower. But it bit me in the ass this year.

I went to a pain doc for a spinal injection on 11/30/17. The claim and bill didn't come through until May. I paid the doctor and then tried to submit a claim for deductible reimbursement. {Insert Loud Buzzer Sound Here} DENIED. Deadline for 2017 services was March.

I called the doctor's office to [expletive]. They said they sent all the pertinent info to UHC in early January. UHC sat on it until May. Fvckers cost me $800.00.

Screw ALL of these bastards.

Edit: Why am I just posting about this now you ask? Because it has taken me THIS FVCKING LONG to even get a straight answer from UHC and the doctors office. I've been bouncing around from person to person at both places for MONTHS.

Re: HRA Bullsh!t

Posted: November 1 18, 6:48 pm
by Joe Shlabotnik
Unbelievable. It should clearly be illegal to do this. What have the working men and women of this country done to deserve this sh!t?

Re: HRA Bullsh!t

Posted: November 2 18, 4:30 am
by Smith Corks One
Yeah, that's [expletive] up. I also have an HRA plan, and the deadline is around March (I think), but all we have to submit for the reimbursement is the EOB, which has always been available on the BCBS website within 4-5 days of the service. Sorry you have to deal with that bs.