Alcohol Curtailment

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Re: Alcohol Curtailment

Post by stlouie_lipp »

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Re: Alcohol Curtailment

Post by GeddyWrox »

I'm probably a high functioning alcoholic. Binge drank all through high school and college. As an adult, didn't drink much except when friends or neighbors would have a party of something. I had a boss early in my IT career that loved to go out, too. Had some rough mornings after being out with him. Then I began working as a traveling consultant. Life on the road Sunday nights through Thursday nights. Away from family and friends, eating in bars and restaurants. It was just natural to have several drinks a night with the coworkers. And it was all expensed. That's when I got pretty good at controlling the amount of alcohol I would have in a night. But it's also when I went from a few times a month to almost every night. I've had a FTE position locally for 5+ years now, and I still have a couple pours of bourbon most nights. I did do dry January though. The first week was easy. The second week was hard. The third and fourth weeks were somewhere in between. But now that we're in quarantine mode, I'm finding my mind won't let me go to sleep unless I have a couple in me at bedtime. I've tried. I just lay there and worry. And yes, I'm already on an antidepresent which helps with anxiety. Depending on how long quarantine lasts, I'm going to try another dry month here pretty soon.

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Re: Alcohol Curtailment

Post by Fat_Bulldog »

I hear you Geddy. I can't sleep unless I smoke or drink later in the evening during this.

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Re: Alcohol Curtailment

Post by AWvsCBsteeeerike3 »

I started binge drinking a [expletive] ton during this. Feel like all day I have to put on a front for the kids and people I work with. The kids know what's going on, but still they don't need to see me scared. Once they go to bed though, I just sit in my little homemade office, aka the dining room, and hopelessly ponder what America, the world, the economy, etc everything is going to look like 2 years from now. And, it's just depressing. Hopefully I'm wrong and just been drinking for [expletive] and giggles

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