The IRS - You're killing me.

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Re: The IRS - You're killing me.

Post by Leroy »

Radbird wrote:
March 2 21, 5:16 pm
I got a letter from IRS last month saying I hadn’t filed my 2019 tax return. It was easy to prove they were wrong since I owed money and mailed a check. Couldn’t get through by phone, so I filled out the form they sent and included a copy of return and cancelled check, so ball is back in their court.
Have patience. On a good year it takes them 9 months to a year to get these things straight. This year is going to be a disaster. You don't have anything to worry about though, as you are correct. You might keep getting letters, even threatening to put a levy on your property, but you can ignore them.

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Re: The IRS - You're killing me.

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I got a CP2000 notice December 28 from the IRS that they'd identified 2018 income I hadn't reported on my 2018 return. So I responded January 13 to clear that up, and to the best of my knowledge that reply is still sitting in their mail room unopened. I think this because I got another notice 2 weeks ago, a CP2319A notice, restating their original estimates from the CP2000. So I called the IRS and asked if they had received my original response I mailed in January. They said that no, they haven't, and that it was probably still waiting to be processed. This time I faxed my reply to the CP2319A just to be more sure it would actually be received, although the rep I spoke with on the phone told me that faxing a response would not make it get processed any faster than snail mailing it.

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Re: The IRS - You're killing me.

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They really need to simplify the tax system. No loopholes. No different between income and capital gains. Set a nice progression margin and then tie the boundaries of the tax brackets to inflation.

What is the sum of all my earnings? Oh, I see I land in the 3rd tax bracket. That means I owed X over the year. Was that amount withheld already? Do I owe or get a refund? BAM. Done.

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