Why are America's farmers killing themselves?

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Re: Why are America's farmers killing themselves?

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pioneer98 wrote:
G. Keenan wrote:The way that we think about our food system says a lot about our society. Why is that we think food should be dirt cheap? Why do Americans have to eat so much damn meat to the point we're all dying of heart disease? Why do we accept an industry that exploits migrant workers so we can stuff our fat faces with low-grade meat from animals that have lived utterly horrible, painful, tortured lives? Do you know how bad for the environment raising cattle is?

If you are what you eat, maybe our food system tells us something about how we got where we are economically and politically these days. Very little that our economic or political system produces is nourishing to our bodies or souls. And we are exporting this degrading system around the world. Before NAFTA, 7% of Mexicans in Mexico were obese. Today obesity in Mexico is off the charts. The family farms that used to supply everyone's food are being put out of business and the country is flooded with American fast food. They send us all their fresh vegetables and we send them [expletive] corn syrup in return.

No wonder American farmers are killing themselves. Life must look bleak as hell from where they are sitting.

Dang this old post really is spot on. I was listening to a podcast yesterday where they interviewed Glenn Greenwald. In addition to his journalism he is evidently a big advocate for animal rights. He was pointing out how our food supply is similar to our war machine. Our military tries to hide all the images of the hideous consequences of bombing people and whatnot. Likewise, we have made it a felony for activists to try to share images from factory farms that would expose how awful they are. He's biased because he is a journalist, but he argued that concealing this information from us is a huge way to keep people going along with these absolutely awful things.
People should definitely be able to see what happens in a farm operation and in war. Then make decisions from there. I think part of the problem with the farm part is you have people trespassing which is a liability. Our neighbor once caught some people hopping their fence to the cow pasture to film the "distraught cows." The cows were perfectly fine living in the pasture but city people don't know that. Of course there are some big operations that are downright disgraceful in how they treat their animals. It's why we source all our meat locally.
Jocephus wrote:
That's definitely been a minor controversy this morning. I really don't know why, I guess outrage culture. AB buys a ton of agricultural products from farmers. I spent a couple days hauling in DSGs for a neighbor a couple winters ago. Driving a semi in St. Louis blows. lol
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Re: Why are America's farmers killing themselves?

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I guess Iowa's awful ag gag law was struck down by a court last month. I'm sure they will go back to the drawing board and pass a reworded version soon (unless they plan on appealing). Anyway, I really came here to post this:

Farmer bankruptcies swell to decade high in Farm Belt
* In the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, which includes Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, twice as many farmers declared bankruptcy in 2018 as during the 2008 recession.
* In the 8th Circuit, which spans from North Dakota to Arkansas, bankruptcies shot up 96%.
* In the 10th Circuit, which includes Kansas, Colorado and parts of Oklahoma, bankruptcies were up 59%. Together, these three jurisdictions accounted for nearly 50% of all farm product sales in 2017, per the Journal.
* Last year, farm debt rose to over $409 billion, with the average size of loans in the 4th quarter reaching $74,190, the highest 4th quarter level in history.
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Re: Why are America's farmers killing themselves?

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I was watching MSNBC this morning and one of the guests was the Vice President of the National Farmers Union and she said that farmers are now getting suicide prevention information in the mail with their checks.
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