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Re: cancer

Post by Fat_Bulldog »

Best to you and your family Diddy

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Re: cancer

Post by Diddy »

Forgot to post an update Kevin’s surgery went well. They removed the entire kidney without complications. Recovery has been going slower then normal but still moving along and doctors are happy. Now the best part. They got the pathology report back this week and the doctors believe that they got all of the cancer. No further treatment is needed at this time just frequent monitoring.

Pathology report also indicated that at the rate the cancer was spreading that if they had found it much later it would likely have been terminal.

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Re: cancer

Post by Tim »

This is great news.

[expletive] cancer with a rake

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Re: cancer

Post by lukethedrifter »

Great to hear.

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Re: cancer

Post by IMADreamer »

That's awesome news Diddy!

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Re: cancer

Post by stlouie_lipp »

Don't get good news too often in this thread. Good to hear Diddy.

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Re: cancer

Post by Radbird »

stlouie_lipp wrote:Don't get good news too often in this thread. Good to hear Diddy.
Absolutely. I still gulp when this thread is bumped.

Really great to read something positive. My best to Kevin and the entire Diddy family.

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Re: cancer

Post by Diddy »

Apperantly this is just becoming my thread. Found out last month that a close family friend has cancer but it was cought early and the outlook is positive. Didn’t want to bump this thread for the first time in five months. Then tonight a good friend since childhood tells me that he was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Not terminal but doesn’t sound very good either. He kept giving me stuff to take home that he wanted me to have.

My wife has lost multiple relatives to diseases other then cancer this year. 2018 has been a real [expletive] of a year for us on multiple fronts can’t wait till it’s over.

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Re: cancer

Post by tlombard »

Sorry to hear all of that.

My family has had mixed results with cancer over the years and just hearing the word is terrifying.

My grandfather on my mom's side passed from pancreatic cancer about five or six years ago. We didn't even know he had it until the funeral. He didn't want anybody to worry so he never told anybody even when he found out he only had about 10 weeks to live. He lived a few hours away so we rarely saw him after my grandma died and mostly talked to him on the phone. He wasn't my biological grandfather either, he married my grandma when I was young though so he was all I knew since my biological grandfather died when my mom was 10.

Then not even 6 months later I found out that my paternal grandmother had pancreatic cancer that was in stage 2 or 3 (I can't remember which now). Thankfully she somehow beat it to this point and is cancer free for the past couple of years. The day I found out, I was a complete mess though. It was the same day as the balloon glow and I knew that my dad and his girlfriend were going to that as well as some of my friends and I figured I needed friends and family right then so I left work to meet at a friend's place which was right at Union and Pershing to go over with them. I took the Metrolink to Hampton and walked to the friend's place but first I stopped in a convenience store to grab a couple of things. As I crossed the street there were some people on the corner arguing so I avoided them by crossing Pershing and then Debalivere instead of the other way around. Right as I was passing by them on the other side of the street, one of the guys arguing started shooting and shot the other one in the leg. I came really close to being right next to them when the shooting started. Then after getting inside quickly while they all ran off, I walked down to my friend's place and as I turned the corner I saw a Mini-Cooper than had just slammed into a light pole in front of my friend's apartment building. I almost just curled up in a corner at my friend's place and stayed there for awhile at that point. I was afraid of what else would happen when we left but it turned out to be a great night the rest of the way and just what I needed.

Then about a year or so my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through her treatments, had surgery and another round of treatments and I just found out yesterday (on my mom's 60th birthday) that my aunt has been given a clean bill of health and is back to work... for another week. My uncle retired and she's quitting her job either this Saturday or next and they are moving to the clubhouse they just had built on the Kaskaskia River. The house was finished late this summer, they found a buyer for their house and they start moving the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy their retirement!

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Re: cancer

Post by Gashouse »

I had an acquaintance pass away last week from colon cancer. By acquaintance, I mean I met him once, but he was married to someone I knew in college so I knew him a little by extension through FB. I don't even know how old he was, but I'm pretty sure he was between 40-45.

I don't need condolences since this doesn't impact me personally. The point is to remind this male-dominated board to get a colonoscopy. I think the recommendation is to start them at 50, but this the second 40-something acquaintance I've had pass away after having colon cancer. Talk to your doctor about getting a colonscopy before you're 50.

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