Rant: Conversations at awkward locations (poll)

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What do you do?

Wait it out. Pooping is shameful.
Meh. Everybody poops.
Wait it out if the outside convo is mixed gender.
No votes
Only people of my gender poop, so I'll exit if the convo includes people only of my gender.
No votes
Total votes: 11

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Rant: Conversations at awkward locations (poll)

Post by Gashouse »

It's not too unusual for work colleagues to end up having a work/project conversation in the hallway as sort of an impromptu meeting. However, sometimes that conversation is pretty much directly in front of the restroom door. So, if the convo started after you already entered, and if this happened to be a trip to the restroom that requires a little time, then exiting the restroom after they've been talking for a few minutes provides a pretty good indication of what you were up to. What do you do?

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Re: Rant: Conversations at awkward locations (poll)

Post by tlombard »

Well, the poll makes a lot more sense after reading the post but I'll stick with my answer. I don't care what these people at work think. As they say, "My boss makes a dollar. I make a dime. That's why I poop on company time."

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Re: Rant: Conversations at awkward locations (poll)

Post by CardsofSTL »

When I use a communal restroom I take cleaning supplies with me; little doubt about what I am up to. That said; I rarely have to go twosies at work.

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Re: Rant: Conversations at awkward locations (poll)

Post by 33anda3rd »

Sounds like somebody's writing a Curb Your Enthusiasm spec script.

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