would you do this trade?

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Re: would you do this trade?

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That is an insane deal. I question the competitiveness of a league with that kind of stuff.

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Re: would you do this trade?

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FantasyBaseballRapist wrote:But i eventuall ended up getting Carlos Lee, Bay and Mike Gonzalez for Mike Cameron, Hafner and Brian Wilson.

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Re: would you do this trade?

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This is my worst league and I am really weak at 2nd and 3rd base (currently starting DeRosa and Teahen). I've been offered Rolen for Garza (he has Lowell), but he also has Uggla (who he's currently benching) and Aaron Hill. Suggest a counter for one of the 2nd baseman, allowing me to drop Teahen and play DeRosa at 3rd?

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