9/8/2019 Other Games

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9/8/2019 Other Games

Post by CardsofSTL »


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Re: 9/8/2019 Other Games

Post by InvincibleCakeEater »

Go Brewers


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Re: 9/8/2019 Other Games

Post by NDark »

Apparently the Cubs have moved around their rotation so Hendricks faces the Cards?

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Re: 9/8/2019 Other Games

Post by sighyoung »

Brewers leading the Cubs 6-3 in the bottom of the 5th. Addison Russell eventually came out of the game after being hit in the head by a pitch.

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Re: 9/8/2019 Other Games

Post by pioneer98 »

Astros are beating the Mariners 21-1

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Re: 9/8/2019 Other Games

Post by Radbird »

Brewers trying to give it away in the 9th. Hayward 2-run dinger. 8-5, 1 out, Hader in.

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Re: 9/8/2019 Other Games

Post by JCShutout »

Brewers hold on. Cards up 4.5 over the Cubs, 6.5 over the Brew Crew.

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Re: 9/8/2019 Other Games

Post by ThatGuy »

I was checking out some other teams' schedules for the remainder of the season, and the Nats have it pretty rough. They just wrapped up four with the Braves, and next they've got:

- Three against the Twins
- Three against the Braves
- Three against the Cardinals
- Three against the Marlins
- Five against the Phillies
- Three against the Indians

Obviously anything can happen, but their status as the top Wild Card candidate could very easily change.

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