10/19/2021 All Games

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Re: 10/19/2021 All Games

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The screenshot in the tweet:



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Re: 10/19/2021 All Games

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About last night...

Why did the Braves pitch out on a 0-2 count and 2 away? Because once Taylor wasn't running on that pitch, you basically asked the Dodgers to send him on the next pitch.

And if you really thought he was going to steal, and you pitch out on 0-2, then why not also pitch out on 1-2? Who knows if Beatty grounds out to 2B or not (with a runner on 1B), but if he does, that's an inning-ending double play and not a productive out.

That just seemed completely mishandled by the Braves, and I hope they don't lose the series because if so, that decision should gnaw at their brains until February.


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